chargers, hashtags and signage. oh my!

The Knot has released its top trends for 2014, and couples are taking technology and social media to the next level. With phone charging stations hidden in beds of moss or flowers and hashtags for the big day, couples are ensuring that every single moment can be captured and shared on demand. This is great for those who have family and friends abroad and imagine never again having to wait for the groom’s cousin from Nebraska to email you the great photo she took of your first dance.



We are seeing this trend pick up in our studio as well.  Brides are adding their hashtags to programs, menu cards, seating boards and creating custom signs to display in all areas of their wedding.  If you are incorporating this hot trend in your wedding plans, we would love to design signage just for you!  Call today to schedule your consultation at 713.864.5573 or email us at