big year, big changes and new faces!

2013 was a big year at Invitation Solutions.  We helped hundreds of clients with stationery for their big days, I came on board, our sweet Megan moved on and our beautiful Sarah got married.  We also had another new addition to our team! That was just the last 6 months. We would like to introduce Shae!

So after much wavering to get us a photo, I finally snapped one with my phone of her in her WAY early years!  She is still this precious and doesn't look that  much older!


A little bit about Shae -

What are you most excited about working at Invitation Solutions?

-I am most excited to work at Invitation Solutions because of:

The close knit environment that it presents. I have always preferred working in an office where I could turn around to ask another co-worker a question instead of having to call their office or get in an elevator to find them.

Being given the chance to work in an environment where I am allowed to come up with new and creative ideas on my own. I also love that I will get to work with typography and colors along with getting to experiment with various types of stationery and accessories.

The industry itself. Weddings. I am excited to be able to take the notes from the client and then translate that into a design that they will hopefully love in order to make them as happy as I can for their big day.

 What is your favorite color?


 What drives you every day?

-What drives me every day is the desire to make the ones around me proud of me, especially my mom and step dad. They have been there every step of the way and the thought of disappointing or letting them down is unacceptable to me. But on the flip side I know that if I ever mess up or make a wrong decision that they will be there by my side encouraging me to keep going.  Another big factor would be my boyfriend. He is one of the most positive people that I know and when I have any doubt in myself he has nothing but faith. People like those are what drives me to do the best that I can every day.

 Do you have any pets?

-I have 5 dogs. They are Bruiser the Boxer. Furbie the Pomeranian. Dutchess the Corgi along with her two babies Piglet and Mr. Fats, (yes, Mr. mom sadly got to name him)

Where did you go to college?  

-Texas Tech University

Where did you grow up and what do you miss most about it? 

-I grew up in the small town of Weimar TX. What I miss most about living there is how simple life was. There was no social status. No worrying about what type of car you drove or how much money your family had. Living there was about knowing each and every one of your neighbors. Still treating your elders with respect. Addressing everyone by yes ma'am and no sir. Being able to leave your front door open all day not having to worry about a stranger coming in uninvited. But what I miss most of all was living in the country where there wasn't a sole for a mile and being about to go outside and hear nothing except the sound of the birds and the wind.

Shae, we are loving getting to know you and we are all looking forward to another big year in 2014!