Racing for Cancer . The Yellow Party

Almost 2 years to the day I was headed back from the National Stationery Show in New York with my dad (yeah I have an amazing and supportive dad!). We had wrapped up things at the trade show a little early and decided to head to the airport to see if we could catch an earlier flight. While we were able to get on the earlier flight we had to take single seats as there weren't 2 next to each other. It's amazing how people come in to your life. I took my seat on the full plane, and it wasn't long before the guy next to me started talking to me about how he had been on a business trip in New York, was on his way back home to Houston and decided the night before that he was going to start a charity to help fight cancer. He explained how he had set some of the wheels in motion to start this charity, and after some conversation I told him I was a graphic designer and would be happy to help if he needed a logo design or any graphic design work done. I went on to explain how I lost my mom to Leiomyosarcoma when I was 11 and how interesting it was that I wound up sitting next to him on the flight. Life works in incredible ways. So, he gave me his business card and I gave him mine. I told him to give me a call if I could help with anything. Figuring I wouldn't hear anything more I went about my life excited to be back from the National Stationery Show and ready to bring new ideas to Invitation Solutions. Then, the phone rang a few days later and it was Tom. Yep, he had already accomplished a ton and had things rolling with the charity which now had a definite name, Racing for Cancer.

Racing for Cancer

He asked if I could help design the logo, I said yes, and about a week later not only was the logo ready to go, but Tom had begun building what would become an amazing relationship with Andretti Racing and Ryan Hunter-Reay who recently lost his mom to cancer. Over the last 2 years Racing for Cancer has grown to become an amazing charity getting set to host The Yellow Party on Thursday evening -- the eve of the Indianapolis 500 weekend.

Racing for Cancer . The Yellow Party

I am honored to have once again been able to help Tom, Ryan Hunter-Reay and Racing for Cancer with the invitations for this event. I'm sure the event is going to be a tremendous success! I hope you will take a minute to read a little more about this terrific charity and consider making a donation to help all those fighting to beat cancer.

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