planning on pinterest

Recently, I admitted to my slightly large obsession with Because I know I am not the only one staying up until odd hours pinning the best cookie recipe, Jessica Biel's workout tricks, and every adorable outfit I see, I thought I would help the brides-to-be use Pinterest effectively to plan their dream weddings! Instead of logging onto Pinterest and pinning anything and everything you love about weddings, try to focus on what is best for YOUR wedding (this way  you don't print out your wedding board with 5 separate themes and become overwhelmed of how to combine them all!).

These are a few tips and ideas on how to use Pinterest for planning your wedding:

  • Try starting out with what you do know - whether it is the color palette or the style. If you know your colors are purple, vintage rose, and platinum then try searching for those colors only. Seeing different style weddings in your colors will help you decide if you like the more modern style wedding or traditional. Same rule applies if you know the style but not the colors. When scrolling through the search results for "traditional wedding" you will be attracted to certain pins, most likely because of the colors. Nude, champagne and ivory may not first come to mind for a contemporary wedding style but once you see the whole picture, you can easily rule out colors.
  • Instead of pinning cute little details that you have no idea where to incorporate them, try thinking of the big picture and make a list of areas that could use something "extra": getting ready (bridesmaid gifts), ceremony (guest book, guest book table decor, programs, floral ideas), reception (escort card holders, table decor, wedding favors, menus, floral ideas, exiting the venue), etc.
  • If you are planning on taking engagement photos and want to use them on your save the dates, I would recommend doing some research before the photo shoot on Pinterest. You can see what poses you like and don't like, unique ideas and props, clothing inspiration, etc.

I hope some of my suggestions help you plan your wedding with the least amount of stress possible! For wedding pins organized by color, style, photos, details and more check out Invitation Solutions on Pinterest. If you are looking for a random mix of my favorite stationery ideas, follow my invitation + stationery board!

by kathryn