meet the design team - kristen adcock

Kristen founded Invitations Solutions in 2003. Read below and get to know the owner! kristen adcock . owner + senior designer

where did you grow up & what is your favorite thing about growing up there?

Houston & Chicago. I grew up in Spring playing basketball with my dad as coach, and when I wasn't on the basketball court one of my favorite things was spending the weekend on Lake Conroe at my Grandparent's lake house. We moved to the suburbs of Chicago when I was in 8th grade and nothing is better than a Lou Malnati's pizza! -- check them out, they'll ship a pizza to your door!

alma mater: UH, it may not be Alabama (see Kathryn's post) but they have a great graphic communications program that has served me well.

where do you draw inspiration from?

My mom.

why did you choose the wedding industry?

After spending time as a graphic designer then art director at a Houston based graphic design firm specializing in corporate branding and web design, I was looking for a fresh start. I quickly found this great little niche in custom wedding invitations which has grown over the last 8 years. Invitation Solutions now includes Laurie and Kathryn, two of my favorite people who are the heart and sole of our wonderful customer service, as well as, Megan who is so wonderful and who's design work helps us exceed the wishes of our clients.

what is your favorite thing about working in stationery?

My favorite part about working in wedding stationery is seeing the reaction of our elated clients when they come in and see their wedding invitations.

do you have any pets?

"The boys," Bentley & Tucker, are best friends, super spoiled and run the house. They are Italian Greyhounds and more affectionate than you could ever imagine. Bentley is our ball player. He loves to play and always has a ball in tow just incase you want to play too. Tucker is our buddy and always at our side.

if you had to choose one "block" font and one "script" font to write in for the rest of your life, what would they be?

Today I would choose, Bellucia (love the hand written feel!) and Helvetica (there are so many fonts in the family!) It always seems to change so I'll have to update this post again soon.

non-wedding related guilty pleasure?

Laying out at the pool and Oreo Pizookie!