creative cursive

Looking for an eye-catching design to incorporate in your wedding stationery? Look no further than your very own names! Check out how the cursive font and charming design compliments this invitation ensemble. jenny + larry

The use of typography as the graphic element in your wedding stationery is a wonderful way to set the tone of the entire event– after all, it is all about the bride and groom! These accents are so beautiful and versatile; they can easily be carried into your wedding programs, menus, and other reception accessories. Type as the graphic element in your wedding stationery is a modern approach to incorporating a design into your invitation.

morgan + stefan . program + menu

So don’t search for patterns and designs that you love; simply use your names – the result is sure to make you swoon! We’d love to help you be creative with cursive typography on your wedding stationery! Give us a call today at 713.864.5573  or email us to schedule your appointment. Don't forget to click on over to our Pinterest page and get instantly inspired by our "wedding typography" board!