creative calligraphy

Traditionally, the bride hand-wrote her wedding invitations; personally inviting guests to her wedding. In today's fast-paced world, most don’t have time for this anymore. Luckily, the look of handwritten invitations is still around; with the help of a calligrapher, or calligraphic fonts, you can get the glamorous look of the stylized and chic calligraphic lettering.

The variety of available fonts seem unlimited, offering you great options that appear handwritten and give your invitation suite that beautiful, hand done look. Even better - many fonts have a variety of styles for each letter, so the look for your invitation can still be unique to your wedding! I’d love to show you the beautiful options available! Give us a call at 713.864.5573 or email me today to schedule your appointment!

Check back this month – we’ll be featuring a beautiful hand-written calligraphy invitation that is to die for!