carlisle + cullen's calligraphy

Earlier this month we talked about "creative calligraphy" and with the help of a calligrapher, or calligraphic fonts, you can get the glamorous look without following the traditional hand-written rule. A beautiful and fun example of hand-written calligraphy mixed with a traditional font is Carlisle + Cullen's wedding invitation. From the elegant color palette, to the delicate and detailed framework, this invitation is to die for! We loved working with this couple and their wedding planner Natalie Narula Laskowski of Belle of the Ball.

Maureen Vickery of PenDance Calligraphy & Engraving did a wonderful job creating the hand calligraphy name design and border for their invitation. We combined the calligraphy with the font "Bickham" to give it a soft contrast.

Font combinations and typography are one of my favorite things about wedding stationery. Give us a call at 713.864.5573 or email me today to schedule your appointment - I would love to help you create your beautiful and unique wedding invitations!

by kathryn