in love with letterpress

Check out these beautiful, custom, letterpress invitations! Aren’t they to die for? Rich, opulent and exquisite style and quality! The distinctive texture of the paper and the impression the plate makes when using this vintage printing process creates beautiful stationery, sure to make a lasting impression on your guests and a timeless keepsake for you and your family.

whitney + chris

emilie + johnny

So what exactly goes in to creating a letterpress invitation? We’re glad you asked! After our creative team completes your invitation design, this gorgeous 14th century printing process begins with the making of custom plates for your invitation ensemble, the press is then meticulously set up to print each item, one imprint and one color at a time. As each unique print comes off the letterpress, one at a time, your vintage invitation ensemble begins to take shape.  Adding to the character of a letterpress print is the fact that no two prints are identical. Each impression varies, leaving a slightly different impression and ink coverage. The end result is an exquisite invitation ensemble, unique at every turn and designed to fit your wedding style, whether traditional and formal or rustic and vintage.

emilie + johnny

A significant amount of time, hard work, and a lot of effort go into creating custom letterpress invitations. The final product is absolutely stunning and we’re obsessed with these beautiful invitations!

To find out more, or to get a custom quote for letterpress invitations, please contact our studio at 713.864.5573 or email us today to schedule your consultation.