fit for a gingerbread man

Happy Holidays from Invitation Solutions! Even though the weather doesn’t quite feel like Christmas, we decided to bring a little more holiday cheer to the office. Yesterday, we utilized our design skills and created our own unique gingerbread houses! kathryn-gingerbread



Some fun ingredients + decorating ideas to try for your own gingerbread house this year:

mini marshmallows for snow • pretzels for windows/wreaths • peppermints for a pathway • semi-sweet chocolate chips for doors • Red Hots for doorknobs • Tootsie Rolls for a pile of logs • Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal for the roof shingles

The list could go on and on! We recommend putting some candy aside to use for your gingerbread houses and some to munch on because we found ourselves eating the "windows" instead of gluing them! We HO-HO-HOpe you have a wonderful holiday this year!

by kathryn